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Understanding your original flow is primary to your actions and results. Flow is the energy you feel when "things are clicking" and time flies or doesn't seem to exist. It's when you are "present in the moment" and have a strong focus on something that engages you at a level where nothing else matters.


We all discover it now and then. Some more often than others because they are more focused and enjoy what they are doing. The fact is that no two persons are alike when it comes to experiencing flow and even less how they master their FlowEye.

People thrive in different scenarios of flow energy, that is triggered by many different individual combinations. There are no describable trends in individual flow patterns but there are meta-patterns to consider. Everyone is influenced by 3 meta-flow patterns:

Creator Flow is green & visionary.

You are all about envisioning and playing around with new ideas. Designing ori ginal stuff people haven't seen yet. Optimising old structures finding new ways of doing things better. This energy is dominant in people who have a heightened ability to create "visions of the future" no matter if it is a new product, service, painting, design concept, music or an entire company. You are the type that plant new seeds all the time.

Cultivator Flow is orange & manifesting. 

This is the energy pattern you need to take your vision from head to heart. The thoughts you have in your head won't make it for you. Your passion and enjoyment rises when you get to cultivate and materialise an idea.This phase can be very frustrating for people who are predominantly green because in orange energy you have to "take a lot of actions" in the physical world and step out of your "green dream state". If you want to manifest something your ability to mobilise orange energy is essential otherwise your creations won't grow. You are the type that loves to nurture something into existence.

Operator Flow is red & growing.

When your creation has manifested into a "prototype" it needs to grow to become what you dreamt about. For creators and cultivators, this is not an easy phase because they see operations as "hard work" full of endless repetition. This kind of energy is dominant in operators who love to optimise and move the box from A to B, again and again, while refining the processes and building a capability. They love the focus that comes with doing the job well while others hate it and find it boring. Red archetypes just love to see things evolve and like the competing game.

None of these energy patterns are any better than the others. No two people are alike when it comes to natural flow combining the 3 meta energy patterns. The important thing is to learn about the energy patterns and acknowledge them in your own natural flow.

It's essential to train your FlowEye and learn what to do when you have to shift between meta energies because they are used specifically to drive different things for you and your creations. Even so, you might be a natural "green" and can't escape that you need to "go orange" now and then and even stay in "red energy" for a longer period to make your dream come through and see your vision materialise .

I can teach you to recognise the different energy patterns and help you find your specific combination i.e. ... your natural original flow. Having FlowEye is the ability to see

when you are in flow,

and know how to get there.

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