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FlOWISNESS .. the new natural

If you want to understand the current human transformation you must first embrace that everything in the universe is natural. Otherwise it would not have a connection to earth or anyway else in the universe. Matter comes out of nothingness created by the universal consciousness (TAO) a force not conceivable by the human mind. You can’t IQ or EQ it. You need to know it meaning that you need to reset how you perceive reality. A stone, a plant, a human and all technologies is simple just matter. The only difference is the level of consciousness its allowed to master. Humans are (for the time being) the most advanced technology we know. Imagine all the processes and interaction that goes on in your body, with 50 trillions cellars working in harmony, without you directing any process whatsoever. It’s all simple happening to you out of your awareness.

Humans have been designed with a brain that have the consciousness capacity to get ideas and create new technology. Just like TAO have created humans, as an extension to its self, to experience human conditions. Our brains are antennas that helps the collective consciousness to learn from its actions. Just like we humans are learning from our mistakes .. or are we .. or are we simple BIASed mental robots ? Let's remember that technology, i.e. Artificial Intelligence, is created by humans and therefore part of nature’s way of advancing its growth and understanding. It's a unstoppable process because its nature in making .. where singularity is evolving and merging technology and humans .. as it's going on now.

But ... the transformation does not include awareness, flow & awakening. Those energies need to be discovered and recognized in the TAO isself.

FlOWISNESS is our natural stage of human existence. This stage is adding a new dimension to the universal consciousness helping you "see the bigger picture’. Walking Your Flow is following your meaning and purpose in life. When you focus on what is important "to yourself", anchored in presens, you will enable your floweye to the oneness, universal consciousness (TAO), where matter is born out of your passion and imagination. It's a fact that you create your reality from what your perception allows (the witness ability) of transformational steps to reset of your believes and embrace when the isness flows towards your human space in the isness.

When you learn ‘how to’ enable your natural flow stage you will be able to connect ‘the dots’ in the collective pool of matter attracting everything you can conceive. Don’t over-think it .. then you won’t get it. Focus on enabling your flow state and then let the universe handle the details.

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